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Ag Tech Village at Agri Careers sposnsored by Enterprise Ireland.

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A new Ag Tech Village sponsored by Enterprise Ireland is set to show case the best of use of technology in agriculture at Agri Careers 2017.

On the Ag Tech Village stage, the day starts off with the use of technology in tractors with a debate on the new skills that are needed as technology becomes more common on farms and in agricultural businesses. Dr Kevin McDonnell of UCD will explain the reasoning behind their new undergraduate degree programme entitled Agricultural Systems Technology. Speakers from IT Tralee and companies that already see skills shortages in the technology areas will debate what skills will be required in the future. Next up, Enterprise Ireland will look at the funding that is available to people with good ideas. They will outline the resources in the local enterprise offices and programmes such as the New Frontiers Entrepreneur programme and the High Potential Start Up programme. There will also be talks form exiting companies such as AGCO on telematics and new electric tractors and ICBF on the use of big data as well as how farmers are suing the technology. The highlight of the day will be the AgTech 2017 start-up show case, where eight business will pitch their company to judges that include Enterprise Ireland and openEir. Two companies will be selected as the ‘Ones to Watch’ in AgTech 2017. The pitch will be for just five minutes with three minutes of questions from judges and the audience to put the companies through their paces.


Companies participating in the Ag Tech start-up showcase include:

True North Technologies Ltd


True North Technologies is adding a grass quality sensor to its grass measurement system – Grasshopper. This sensor will report on nutrient values, mineral trace levels and moisture content providing the management information required to maximise milk yields or herd live-weight gain. True North is working with Teagasc and a number of international partners on the validation of the new sensor system.



Hydrasure is a new, smart automatic drinking system that provides vets, trainers and all horse owners with better insights into their horse’s drinking behaviour. The new easy-cleaning automatic drinker and retrofit devices remove the need for buckets, as they capture equine drinking data,and display this both locally and on the cloud via any mobile device.




Moocall are an ag-tech company who create wearable devices for the agricultural industry. Their first product, the Moocall calving sensor was launched in January 2015 and since then has sold 20000 sensors into 35+ countries around the world. Their second product the Free Moocall companion app, launched in the summer of 2016. The company plan on launching their next hardware device towards the end of 2017.




Pregnancy is the key for profitability in the dairy and beef sectors worldwide. The requirement for efficient milk and beef production has led Reproinfo’s focus on producing tools and services which maximise the likelihood of bovine conception. Reproinfo provides software and data analysis services which address bovine reproductive tract status for dairy and beef cows. Reproinfo has created the first patent-protected smart device, CadMan, to provide computer-aided diagnoses of ultrasound video output of bovine reproductive tract examinations.




Herd Watch, a company set up by Farm Relief Services (FRS), now has, 5,500 farmers using the platform in Ireland and the UK, up 100% year in one year. They have almost 100,000 calves registered to date in 2017, accounting for 15% of all calves. The biggest challenge for the company right now is to find the necessary talent to “join the herd” and help take their platform to the next level, in Ireland and abroad. They are particularly looking for experienced mobile app developers to join the team in their brand new FRS HQ, due to open this June in Roscrea, Co Tipperary.


Microgen Biotech


Microbiomes are specially selected for major plant growth promotion traits. These are sprayed onto crops two weeks after sowing and help the plants establish themselves. Microbiome products provide a cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to fertilizers. Fertilizers depend on oil and gas prices and phosphate, which is a non-renewable source mined from the earth.


Farm Hedge


FarmHedge is a new mobile application that saves money for farmers and reduces costs for farm suppliers. It allows farmers to book deliveries of major inputs such as feed, fertilizer and animal health products from their regular suppliers. Precise on-farm weather risk information and alerts using local hourly and ten-day forecasts are also available to FarmHedge users.


Blight Link


The aim of Blight link is to reduce the severity of blight outbreaks by enabling knowledge flow between all stakeholders. The project is a spin off from an Organic Horticulture MSc project at UCC and is a collaboration between Dr Joan de Lacey and the Nimbus Centre, CIT, Cork, with initial funding from Enterprise Ireland.




Farmflo is an award-winning agri-tech company with its headquarters in Letterkenny, Co Donegal. The company was founded by brothers Jason and Gareth Devenney, who came up with an innovative way to tackle the burden of time-consuming administration and paperwork that seems to go hand-in-hand with modern-day farming.

Farmflo’s mission is simple – they want to allow farmers to get back into the field and focus on what they enjoy most, with the peace of mind of knowing that their regulatory requirements are being managed safely and securely in the cloud.


The Blazer Device


It is a device that can remotely monitor honey bees through the use of image recognition. It can be attached to existing hives. It provides actionable data for beekeepers and they can check up on their hive health from any web enabled device. It will help beekeepers in the early detection of threats to the hive.


Farm Eye

Farm Eye is a start-up Ag-Tech company, a Spin-Out from an EI funded research project at NUI Galway. The Farm Eye product is a Comprehensive Farm Nutrient Management and Communication System to seamlessly share data between farmers, laboratories, farm suppliers, co-ops and farm advisors. We are at the Market Validation Stage for the second prototype version of system and are currently engaging with farm advisors and laboratories in terms of product testing.


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